A couple of new restaurants opens in Canggu every week or so, but guess what? Sometimes we just don’t feel like going out for lunch or dinner. Perhaps it’s raining or it’s been a long day full of fighting the mad traffic, or we just want to put our sweat pants on and watch a bunch of old Sex&City episodes and feel…homey. The food that goes perfectly well with that kind of scenario should be the same: easy, homey, comforting. Like your mamma’s roasted chicken! The one that is so juicy and smells so good you just can’t wait for the cutlery and start tearing the flesh with your bare hands…the one that is perfect for sharing but you wish you could have it all for yourself;)

The new rotisserie Fat Chicken does exactly that kind of roasted bird.  It’s a tiny little cafe at Nelayan street, just a stone throw away off the busy Batu Bolong. It’s all about chicken here! They do the classic spit-roasted bird, using a secret marinade and absolutely NOT using any MSG sprinkles (sorry to say that, but many other spots do). The result: a purrrrfect chick with tender meat and thin crispy skin, which comes with a side of organic (yes, organic!) salad of your choice. Or oven roasted baby potatoes. Or both. ‘Cause you know, sometimes we can’t choose – and we can afford not to;) 

That kind of meal is comforting not only your belly but your wallet, too. Half-bird is only Rp.35k, and the whole birdie with all the trimmings and sides is 100k. Eat there, take away or call for delivery. Lazy dinners sorted. Lazy wives got an alibi. OH hello honey, look what I’ve cooked for you tonight!;) 

Go check it out: Fat Chicken

Find it: Jl Nelayan

Call for delivery: +62 819 3301 7508


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