Are you an adrenaline junky? Did the Climax slide at Waterbom, surfed those mean Ulu waves, rode past the police station in Denpasar with no helmet on??  Then here is the brand new toy that will give you that much-needed adrenaline rush: the 5GX Reverse Bungy has just landed in Kuta, and it’s the only thing that will get you high in Bali, legally!

Get yourself a ticket, sit back comfortably in a nicely padded seat, breath in, breath out – and get ready to be shot up in the skies with the speed going up from 0 to 200km/h in just 2 seconds! ‘Cause racing on Lamborghinis are for pussies, you know. Jokes aside, we are talking about 5g force experience here – you are not going to space but you can pretty much feel the intergalactic vibe in that memorable moment. Put your best face on, though – you’re being filmed on a GoPro! Finally, a good enough portrait to frame and hang on the wall?  Sorry, mom!

The fun ‘catapult’ idea was born in New Zealand about 20 years ago and has been spread to 15 countries all over the world – now it’s Bali’s turn. Although it sounds scary, the ride is as safe as the sunrise yoga class. It won’t help your third eye opening, but it will sure open your two main eyes wide enough! Bonus: the best view at the Kuta/Legian rooftops and the most unusual sunset-watching experience.

And guess what, those guys are smart: the bungy is set up just across the road from the Sky Garden night club – imagine those head-spinning, gut-twisting midnight flights after a bucket (or three) of beers. We definitely need to go back to basics and plan one full-on night in Kuta!

Go check it out: 5GX Reverse Bungy

Find it: Jl.Raya Legian (across the road from the Sky Garden), 11am – 3am.

Money: 350k/person (min 2 people required), for 3 people ride the price is Rp.250k/person

Safety note: 100% produced, installed and operated by the New Zealand manufacturer.


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