We all know that life is a BEACH here in Bali ?  We’ve decided to make the most out of our beach days before the rainy season hit the island – please meet and greet our little sandy guide!

Pantai Bingin: among other “paradise” beaches of Bukit peninsula this one is our top choice. It is not too crowded as, say, Padang-Padang can be, it doesn’t require climbing up and down 300 steps (only a 100 maybe, haha!) like Nyang-Nyang. And although not “secret”, really (are there any secrets left in Bali yet?!) it does have that feel of “private” and “family” beach for some reason. The water is turquoise and clear, the sand is golden, and the living is easy:)

Best for: both surfing and swimming

NB: better check the tide chart before coming, as the water can be way too low or too high to enjoy

* image (top) by Melia 

Pantai Keramas: this beach is black as Jon Snow’s wardrobe! It’s a perfect destination for those looking for a totally different beach experience without going (or sailing/flying, even!) too far away. The beach is almost deserted, with absolutely zero annoying “crap” vendors in sight. The only oasis of civilization is Komune Beach Resort – our favorite weekend getaway.

Best for: surfing +  lovely natural baths perfect for bathing when it’s low tide  – kids love it!


*image by Alyona Simonova

Pantai Pig Stone: this is our most “secret” secret ?  We should have probably kept our mouth zipped…ooops, too late! This beach in Tabanan area (past Tanah Lot) is a bliss: there is normally just a handful of locals hanging around, plus a couple of surfers and occasional soon-to-be-weds doing a romantic photoshoot.  The beach is stretching almost till Balian – kilometers of beautiful firm black sand, suitable for…motorbike riding or racing, even! Yeah, you can totally do it!

Best for: surfing


Pantai Balian: it feels like Bali back in the early 80s – the main visitors are the advanced surfers meditatively checking the perfect waves, or chilling after a good sesh with a cold Bintang in one of the simple warungs. Get ready to practice you surfer’ lingo, there is no chance for any other conversation!;)

Every year Balian hosts the hilarious SurfJam fun ride – check our story (and some ridiculously funny pictures) here!

Best for: surfing


*image by SurfJam

Pantai Lima and Seseh: Canggu might have all the hype these days, with Berawa beach turning from “villagy” to luxe (check our review on Finns Beach club), Batu Bolong bursting with surfers of all sorts and Echo Beach gaining the fame of Bali’s Ibiza (haha!) – but go a bit further towards Tanah Lot direction and you’ll find all those unspoilt, deserted, wild beaches like Pantai Lima and Seseh. Only 15 min ride, and such a dramatic difference!

Best for: surfing, strolling


*image by Bali Outdoor

Pantai Geger: you might think that this one is definitely not a “secret” one (c’mooon Bali Chronicles!) but among other Southern beaches where the tourists arrive by coaches (hello Pandawa!), this tiny intimate sandy strip, sandwiched in between monstrously huge Mulia Hotel and elegant St.Regis resort feels like a real getaway. Once pantai Geger was quite a stretchy beach, but with all the development boom in Nusa Dua it almost disappeared – ask around, and you’ll be surprised how many people think it doesn’t exist anymore! So it is a secret one…well, kinda;)

It’s also the most civilized beach among other is this list, with the umbrellas, sun loungers, massage service, water sport activities and a bunch of warungs serving calamari rings and coconut water – come early and make a day out of it!

Best for: swimming and water sports


*image by St.Regis Bali

Well, the list of cool and not-so-touristy beaches can go on and on, but these are our personal favorites. And the really secret ones…well, they are secret! ?




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