When we’ve first heard Algimiro Cesarino  – aka Cellomano – playing, his haunted, deep music gripped our hearts and never let go ever since. This handsome Venezuelan surfer has a devil inside his cello, we tell ya! Today we chat with him about chasing waves, throwing concerts in the jungle and making love in hammock ?

1. A salted surfer who plays cello – it’s a bit of an unusual combo! Are those two passions competing in you or complimenting each other?

– I’d say, in my early years they were competing indeed: I remember all I wanted to do was surfing but I was also involved in lots of different activities related to the music (practices, rehearsals, auditions, concerts) that was as not just a hefty part of my life – it was fulfilling it. That I realized only years later, of course. I was 7 when I joined my music school and by that time I was already very confident in the water. It all started with playing in the shore break waves of my hometown with my childhood friends, fooling around with the rips, fishing, diving, swimming, bodysurfing…and suddenly without even realizing it, we were riding waves, getting smashed and laughing about it. My family has been always encouraging me to keep doing both surfing and playing music, they are very supportive, even now. Over the years I’ve taught myself that if those two passions of mine don’t compliment each other, I make them do so. There is no more space for competition inside me.

2. Judging by your tracks’ names, you seem to get inspired by Bali a lot.

Cellomano project was born and raised in Bali. It’s very easy to feel inspired here, but one should be careful – don’t count on blissful tranquility here all the time, it can get really hectic too! All my tracks are just instrumental and were born from nothing, on those special moments of my life and they represent nature, emotions, sensation, feelings, discrepancies…music is the language of the goods, and Bali is their hometown.

3. You live in Ubud, and you catch your waves on Bukit – which one has your heart?

– Bali is very small to stick to just one place. I’ve been spending most of my time in Ubud: there is a beautiful local art community that encourages you, supports you and get you involved. It feels very peaceful living there and I truly enjoy being surrounded by all those amazing people who inspire me. I love Bukit as well but I don’t get to connect with creative people there as I do in Ubud.

4.How does Bali boost your artistic superpowers?

– I think Bali runs on the extraordinary diversity of influences, and it’s being projected onto local expat society which grows faster than anywhere else – too fast, if you ask me! All those influences create a nourishing ground to be creative, express yourself and collaborate with other amazing musicians. It’s a great pleasure to work with local creatives, too: Indonesian people are extremely talented. Dancers, painters, musicians, they create their own instruments, develop new techniques and innovate all the time. I’d name Rizal Abdulhadi, Yude Andico, Catur Wijaya, Neo Balafon, Agustian Supriana among others, they are unique artists who inspire me to be a “better” artist. I’m so grateful that Bali brought this kind of people into my life.

5. What would be your dream musical project in Bali?

– What I dream about is very easy to make real, I just need the strength to make it happen. I dream about the beautiful performances in the beautiful places where nobody expect it to happen: waterfalls, banks of the jungle rivers, mountains, volcanoes, caves, temples, beaches, boats, barrels, waves, crazy remote places!

6.Key words to describe a perfect date scenario in Bali?

– Balloon, flying, waterfall, together, gardens, delicious food, empty surfing lineup, sunset, fire, cello, hammock, making love, repeat.

Listen to Cellomano here:





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