If you look on Google Trends, searches for avocado toast are on the rise. Avocado Toast is clearly the hip-food of today and has been taking over our island ever since the Smoothie Bowl trend wagon has parked itself in every café. Quinoa and Kale are so 2012. Smoothie Bowls are becoming a cliché. Today, it is all about the “Avo Toast” phenomenon.
Although avocado toast is stupidly simple to make, it takes a certain kind of a foodie  artiste to create this plate of perfection. The delicate balance between a crunchy sourdough bread and buttery avocado is not easy to perfect but we can’t stop trying!
Bali cafes are competing with their creativity – adding everything from pumpkin hummus to pink sauerkraut, cashew cheese and pickles on top. Those who do it best, know that less is more and keep it classy and easy.
After thorough avocado adventures, we have chosen these Mighty 4:

Crate Cafe, Canggu

Crate is Canggu’s favorite breakfast stop. These guys know exactly what to do to keep their customers happy and satisfied with colorful, Instagram-worthy, plates of all the hip dishes of today – smoothie bowls, chia pudding, coffee frappuccinos and of course the famous Avo Toast. Crate takes their Avocado Toast to the next level of epicness serving it with a generous vegetable mountain of sautéed spinach, poached egg, feta & sweet peas on top of a fresh sourdough. We can’t get enough!

Go check it out: Crate, Jl Batu Bolong (NB: currently under renovation!)


Mudra Cafe, Ubud


Mudra is the new kid on the block in Ubud serving a modern twist on the Ayurvedic Asian cuisine. The place is cozy and sweet; the menu is seasoned with a sense of humor; the food – with love & attention. The Mudra Avogasm Toast is prepared with chunks of creamy avocado, fresh toasted ciabatta, homemade nutmeg, sprouts, asparagus and  secret French sauce. Served with an organic duck/chicken poached egg, this toast is perfect. Don’t forget to order it together with Mudra’s Coconut Vanilla Latte! Their toast requires its own soundtrack of Tina Turner’s “You’re Simply the Best!”

Go check it out: Mudra, Jl.Goutama 2, 22


WAMM Cafe, Ubud


WAMM is a peculiar new spot in Ubud – everything from their interior style to eccentric menu options is interesting and leaves you wanting to know more. These guys take their Avo Toast to a whole new level – serving it with everything and the moon on top: pesto, cashew cheese, tomatoes, sprouts & sauerkraut. We give them props for creativity & ambition!

Go check it out: WAMM, Jl. Nuyh Bulan, 24 and read our full review on WAMM here.

Smoothie Shop, Balangan


Smoothie Shop is one of our favorite hidden foodie gems in Bukit-land – located at the Mandala Village Resort on the way to Balangan beach. It is a breakfast & lunch bar serving fresh juices, smoothies, breakfast eggs & yummy salads. Smoothie Shop’s Avo Toast is by far the most chic that we have found. Served on top of wholegrain bread with balsamic reduction, cherry tomatoes, olive tapenade and spinach pesto sauce. This Avo Toast tastes as fancy as it looks – it even comes with flowers on top. It’s graciousness demands respect and must be eaten with a fork and knife!

Go check it out: Smoothie Shop, Jl Pantai Balangan


There are many more places on the island to explore your love for this trendy dish. We would love to know the ways in which you pimp your avo toast, and your favorite spots in Bali to get your avogasm on!

Words by: our guest star blogger Elena from The Yoni Empire blog is a lover of all things pleasure-related. She writes shamelessly about female sexuality, self-love & leading a plant-based lifestyle. Bali’s resident for more than 5 years, Elena is a self-proclaimed foodie snob & pleasure seeker.


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