The monsoons seems to be over, the sun shines every day and the beaches are getting cleaner (yay!) which means the High Beach Season is back in Bali! You don’t need much to be ready: just a pair of new bathers, maybe, and off you go to have all the “fun under the sun”. Our guest blogger The Snowy Palm Trees is on the mission to find the best bikini in Canggu, where a swimsuit is your to-go uniform from AM till midnight. We follow her path.


Dear girls (or boys – who knows), I feel you – getting the right bikini from the first try might seem like a fairy tale. But I made my way trough Canggu, on the mission to get the bikini for each need of mine, and here is what I’ve got for you. This is not a guide to a bikini body, though, as to get one might be a bit tricky in the food heaven number one, which Canggu is. But at least we’ve got you sorted finding the right piece of cotton to rock at Old Mans’s happy hour ?  Let’s get started!


The all-rounder: Da Beach Shack

What I am: the little black dress of the bikini world

What I can do for you: the freedom of wearing the all-time classics. Wherever, however.

This small colourful boutique will provide just the right bikini for your basic needs without blowing your budget. Find different colours and styles to match. No matter how picky you are, you’ll find the right bikini here.

Where you find me: Da Beach Shack, right next to Betelnut

Budget: $


The one you can trust: RU:GU

What I am: your partner in crime while hitting the waves

What I can do for you: no matter how big the waves are – you can rely on me!

Stop at RU:GU if you never want to experience an awkward nip slip on your surfboard again. They get you and your ladies covered. And their wear can also be used for yoga or any other sports activity. Win-win!

Where you find me: RUGU Active, Jl. Echo Beach

Budget: $$

The Curves-Hugger: Twenty One Degrees

What I am: Your savior in the hour of need

What I can do for you: I’ll sweet-talk your curvy hips

Twentyone Degrees is not the cheapest option, but their cuts will make you fall in love…with yourself! Either fancy patterns or classy blacks will turn you into a fashionista while hiding some of your little extras. Well, you know.

Where you find me: Twentyone Degrees:, Jl. Batu Bolong

Budget: $$$


Your Bermuda triangle: The Beach Store

 What I am: Paradise in print

What I can do for you: I’ll simply pimp up your life!

The Beach Store in Batu Bolong will fulfill your inner palm tree dreams. Tropical happiness and a simple triangle cut combined will make your perfect camouflage in every paradise you step in.

Where you find me: The Beach Store 1: Batu Bolong – next to Gold Dust

Budget: $$


The Trickster: The Beach Store 2

What I am: mix and match to heat up your Instagram feed

What I can do for you: ease up your beach life

There are rows of tops and rows of bottoms, in all imaginable shapes and colors. Buy a few of each and you’ll have heaps of combos to play with: bandeau with shorts in the am, metallic triangles with high-waists in the pm, now switch your fantasy on and try all the other combinations. Throw in a couple of basics – voila, you won’t need to worry about your beach wardrobe for months! 

Where you find me: The Beach Store 2 , the shopping lane right at Echo Beach

Budget: $$


One -piece wonder: Wanderlust

What I am: your personal adventure pathfinder

What I can do for you: I’ll make you look steaming hot on those Insta snaps

Whoever follows trends on Instagram has seen those trending one-piece pictures. So the auspicious name Wanderlust doesn’t only invite us to dream about future adventures but also provides the perfectly fitting swimsuit for it. Two-piece lace-ups are a killer too!

Where you find me: Wanderlust, Jl. Batu Bolong,  in front of Little Flinders cafe

Budget: $$$

? About the author: Johanna Prorok is the founder of Snowy Palm Trees, the blog about traveling the world and enjoying every bit of the ride. Follow her travels to Middle East, Australia, Africa and wherever the next adventure leap takes her!


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