Lunchtimes are a terrible trial. On the one hand, all anyone really wants is a fat sandwich, but who’s got time for the afternoon carb lull? Not to mention the pervading guilt that comes with these dark days of clean eating. Enter the poke bowl! By now you’ve probably heard and even had your fair share of Hawaiian poke bowls – the ubiquitous raw fish salad bowls. But have you tried the Tahitian version? Mai Tai has washed up on the shores of Canggu and delivers a French Polynesian spin on the Hawaiian staple. So get ready for a fresh and tasty tiki feast!

In French, “poisson cru” literally means “raw fish” It’s the signature dish of Tahiti and it’s as common in Tahiti as poke in Hawaii. The Tahitian addition of fresh coconut milk is the key ingredient that sets it apart from other raw fish dishes. Hmmm… Creamy coconut milk with raw tuna? Trust us, the combination rocks in every way. The coconut works some kinda magic on the fish, making it velvety and sweet and counter balances the zesty tart flavours of the lime juice.

The menu has a whole host of other raw fish treats and we were most impressed with the MaiTai special. The freshest red tuna mixed with ginger, coriander and soy sauce giving it sharp flavours. Not a fan of raw fish? Really?!!? They’ve got colourful vegan carpaccios or hot from the wok stir-fried beef, chicken or tuna mixed with chopped vegetables and served with your choice of steamed rice, green salad or fries.

Go check it out: Mai Tai

Find it: Jl. Batu Mejan No. 100 (after Deus and before Canteen)


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