“Do you remember the time?” Michael Jackson was murmuring in the beginning of 90s. So we ask you now: do you remember the time when one of the main attractions of Ubud was not an ecstatic dance marathon or raw vegan salad bar but a small roadside eatery always covered in smoke, which was serving the meanest pork ribs in the universe, plus the dirtiest martinis – so dirty some smart villain could use this secret weapon to neutralize James Bond himself. That was about the same time when the above mentioned hit was released – 1995 to be precise. Ok, if we are doing some shameless name-dropping here, let’s also mention Julia Roberts, Donna Karan, Elizabeth Gilbert and Anthony Bourdain – all of them being fans of this legendary little locale. That’s what was the original Naughty Nuri, the cherry on top of every Ubud town guide.

Good news: times change, the awakened meat-, dairy-, gluten-free community grow, but this institution is still there, across the road from Neka museum, sprawling the tentacles of its sticky fragrant smoke which enchants any passer-by. Even better news: you don’t have to go all the way up to the jungle these days to have a taste of it. It came to you – Naughty Nuri’s new branch in Seminyak is even better than the numero uno!

The scene might be different, the space brighter and the charcoal grill outside way bigger than the one in Ubud, but the iconic pork spare ribs are the same – smoky, tender goodness, generously covered in rich BBQ sauce. Fingerlicking and lip-smacking, and we are absolutely not exaggerating here. They also have fat, juicy burgers, fragrant boneless chicken curry and even Naughty Spaghetti but that’s not why you’re here. Get the ribs, no steps aside!

And then there are those naughty, naughty Martinis. Jesus, those guys are punchy! Did you know that Anthony Bourdain once called them “the best Martini outside of New York”? And this guy knows his stuff! Nuri dares you: if you can finish 3 Martini or 4 Margaritas they will get your name carved on the wall of fame. Yep, that sounds like a trap – and it is one.

Did we also mention that they start serving those gangstas before noon? Darling, I’ll call you later.

Go check it out: Naughty Nuri Seminyak 

Go find it: Jl. Mertanadi, 62, Kerobokan, Seminyak




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