Canggu is booming with the new cafes and shops opening, like, every day – and we are not even exaggerating here. In the end of 2016 the whole bunch of new venues has landed in our HQ hood so we’ve sent Ms.Taco to explore. Here is what she’s got for you: a guide to all the coolest new spots of Bali’s trendiest area.

If you see too many people you know over your gluten-free, plant-based breakfast, it’s time to take your little tanned ass on the bike and explore the newest additions NoSho & SoSho have to offer, yep North Of The SHOrtcut and South Of The SHOrtcut. NYC style acronyms are a thing.

Our Sweet 16 weapon of choice shortlists the latest and prime Insta opportunities guaranteed. While everyone else is putting the snow tires on their car, you can be lying facedown on a yacht sipping a drink out of a coconut. You win.


The Slow

Just when we thought SoSho could not get any more hip, cool and trendy The Slow emerges from the ricefields to delight us with a long waited more sophisticated version of ourselves. This boutique hotel and restaurant have everything to make your NYC pals well jels. Dress up and get down to this exquisite space to enjoy drinks, art and people-watching at its best.

Find it: Jl. Batu Bolong,

Cafe Organic

We can officially say that Canggu has been green-pimped with the arrival of the self-proclaimed garden-gangstas in the hood. The sister of the homonymous iconic plant-based restaurant in Seminyak is here to fill your vegetarian dreams with Coco Cappuccinos and smoothie bowls, hello!

Find it: Jl. Batu Bolong

* The top image belongs to Cafe Organic

Panama Kitchen & Pool

Entering this quirky joint feels like landing in the coolest motel somewhere downtown LA circa 1950. Bright, light and with a gorgeous typographic design, we can’t have enough of this little gem. Add a menu filled with grilled pineapple and drinks available before noon to enjoy poolside… we’re sold!

Find it: Jl. Pantai Berawa (200m from the beach),

Santa Berawa

Bao and beer, beer and bao… add some fried chicken and savory waffles and you get a match made in heaven, trust us! Get down and try their pulled pork bao with a side of free beer, you read well, F-R-E-E–B-E-E-R! Need we say more? We don’t think so.

Find it: Jl.Pantai Berawa 1B (on the way to the beach)

Montagu Bar

Looking for the perfect oasis in the increasing craze of Batu Bolong? Look no more and head upstairs through the sliding door of Montagu straight to Moroccan haven. Order a luscious passionfruit Montagu Martini, catch the sunset above the rooftops and enjoy a shisha till late. Read our review of Montagu Sandwich Bar here.

Find it: Jl. Batu Bolong 94

Pit Stop Burgers

We really needed some good news after Bowie and Prince left us behind stuck with Trump, Brexit and Kanye’s public breakdowns. Well, as they say, good things come to those who wait and sweet six and a half pound baby Jesus we have! The wait is over: late night bites extraordinaires – some believe these are the best burgers in Bali! – are here to stay! Amen.

Find it: corner of Jl Pantai Nelayan and Batu Bolong

The Lawn

One of our favourite sunset places is back! Turned beach lounge, bar and restaurant with delicious pizza tastings, tuna ceviche and delicate pork belly goodness, The Lawn and its cool and chilled atmosphere is a must for arvos in the grass enjoying one of the best ocean views around.

Find it: Jl. Pura Dalem, Pantai Batu Bolong

Satu-Satu Coffee House

Berawa might as well start calling itself The Canggu Coffee Strip. The latest addition is setting NoSho’s cafe culture bar quite high. What started as a tiny local cafe serving mean cuppas has grown into a proper, spacious coffee house.Well known in Bali for producing some of the island’s finest quality coffee, Satu-Satu is here to stay, thank the Bali Gods.

Find it: Jl. Pantai Berawa 36

Moana (ex Jus’n’ Fish)

Unlike our favourite bro fashion trend that is long gone but not forgotten, the puka shell necklace, poke bowls are here to stay! Our favourite tropical jungle nook is filled with Hawaiian music vibes and poke bowls (plus fish cooked all the ways possible!) to die for. Get your lai on!

Find it: Jl.Batu Bolong 28

Paletas Wey

Mexicans. You think you’ve got them sorted out with their walls, tacos and Margaritas and BANG! They strike back with the best thirst-quenching and finger-licking solution for the Bali heat in the shape of popsicles.Try their coco loco Coconut flavour, or the delicious Dulce de Leche, or the… well, try them all. We did! Check out our selection of Bali’s best Mexican restaurants here.

Find it: Jl. Batu Bolong, next door to Lacalita,

Kombucha Brewer

The reality of the beverage industry is preparing today for the trends of tomorrow. Now, with millennials becoming forced to face their own mortality, a new leader in the adult beverage industry of healthy imbibements has emerged: kombucha, touting benefits including fruit juice fusions, lower alcohol contents and absolutely no gluten, anywhere.

Find it: Jl. Padang Linjong


The Jungle Trader

This, my friends, is the jungle fever. A bundle of beautiful and unique treasures sourced all over our beloved island, The Jungle Trader is the perfect destination for any occasion kind of shopping, whether you’re in the mood for self- spoiling or looking for a perfect present. And if animal prints rank top 4 in your list as it does in mine, bring two credit cards, you will be in print haven.

Find it: Jl.Pantai Berawa (across the road from Cinta Cafe) 


Loko and kool share the same letters, coincidence? We think not. Straight outta Padang Padang the authentic Bali surfing brand LOKO has landed at the epicenter of the hood, where NoSho & SoSho brush shoulders and share glances under the sun. Get down this kool joint and check out the threads and boards that are making a splash in Canggu.

Find it: intercection of Jl.Raya Semat and The Shortcut

Lemon Nails

(venue is closed)

There is nothing nicer than having a mani-pedi with your squad. Wait! There is! Mani-pedi and juice, both served in the prettiest – indigo & gold, colonial-style loungers, designer jewelry in the custom-made glass displays –  little spa we’ve ever been to! Needless to say, we love any excuse to enjoy a moment of pampering especially when it involves Mimosas before lunch, but in the meantime, organic cold pressed juices will do the job ?  Check their special “breakfast” offer: quick mani, croissant and coffee, and start your day like a princess!

Find it: Jl. Pantai Berawa (the old Sugarcane juice bar location),

Sofia Spa

If you thought that only Apple knew what intuitive is all about, think twice. Soft and creative massages, facial rejuvenation, waxing organic, teeth whitening, cream bath, and of course, intuitive massage are just a few of the delicacies on the menu of this intimate and cute spa run by a lovely French lady. Read our full review of Sofia Spa here.

Find it: Jl.Pantai Berawa 77 (at Pomelo cafe complex)

Folklore Surf

There is more to Colombia than coffee, Shakira and favourite series Narcos’ protagonist, Pablo Escobar. With design clothing and gorgeous surfboards, this Colombian-owned store has earned a place in our hearts. Let’s say that if Zach Effron decided to go surfer and asked his mate Slater for a cool hang to browse boards, this would be it!

Find it: Jl. Batu Bolong 63,


That’s a LOT but it’s not the whole list of Canggu’s newest additions…and they keep coming! Watch us for more updates ?



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