Andrew Karr might look just like another sunbleached salty surfer dude from the shores of Uluwatu/Canggu but this guy has a couple of secrets under the belt of his signature kilt. World class base jumper (the youngest in history!), wingsuit and tracksuit pilot, speed-flying pilot, skysurfer, big wave surfer and the only polyathelte in Russia, he is happy to call the island of Bali his second home. We chat to him about fear, women and the art of never looking back.

1. You dared to ride the famous Nazaré monster wave just recently! Three words to describe this experience?

– Raw. Power. Beauty. Though Nazaré rather deserves a book and past 2 seasons I’ve spent there would be only an intro.

2. It looks like you’ve surfed and jumped off every deadly dangerous wave/bridge/cliff in the world. What was the scariest so far?

– Unknown is always the scariest. I can be scared by my thoughts, future ideas and projects, but never by the past. I’ve lost the count of all the “oh, fuck” moments, and really it`s always just a moment, cause right after you have no time to be scared, you need to be conscious and present to make the best decisions on which depends your life… and sometimes someone’s else.

3. What was your craziest Bali adventure? 

– Bali itself was one of the craziest things I have done! 10 years ago I left a well-paid job with no savings whatsoever, some time later booked a flight to Bali and spent here 5 months straight. I never looked back. From here I kept going further and further around the globe and these 10 years indeed were a blast, with Bali playing one of the main roles in this adventure. Wherever I went and whatever happened, I always knew I can just get on the next flight to Indo and feel good being lost in the jungle.

4. Does the word “fear” even exist in your vocabulary? What do you fear exactly?

– Women ?   And everything a normal person does. My biggest fear is to drown, I fear heights, I fear bugs, snakes, aeroplanes, people, spooky places, but for me, fear is only a tool or rather a key to my superpower. I need fear to think faster, be stronger, run or crawl further ?  So yeah, I do have it. I`m not crazy, my reality is just different than yours.

5. So what is there, on the other side of fear?

– All the treasures of the world.


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