She’s ONE very busy bee, this tiny pretty thing. You might see her rocking the dance floor at every ‘important’ party but she’s anything but a flapper. Ongga Pratama runs 2 labels: a jewelry brand called Just For The Money and a leather backpack line called Dirtbags. She’s also a freelance all-rounder designer, graphic artist, creative director, interior consultant…sounds incredible but yet she found a minute for a chat! ?

1. You were one of the first cool cats to inhabit Canggu 8 years ago. Does it look familiar these days?

– I came to Bali only for a short holiday with just 1 piece of hand luggage that probably carried enough clothes for only up to 8 days and ended up living here for 8 years. With this period of time, I saw a lot of things and how crazy the changes in Bali are. I used to live in Canggu at the beginning of my stay and trust me, that time this place was barely reachable. Nothing happened there, when I went out at night I was barely able to find my way home (especially after a party, haha). And honestly, I am very anxious to see the growth now. It’s not like I am against it, growth is good and positive. But a rapid and vast growth scares me. I see more buildings than rice fields now. And that makes me sad.

2. You seem to be one of the first customers in every new place opening up in the hood;) We meet you everywhere (which is always a good sign) What’s your favorite spot?

– You are very lucky to see me somewhere lately. I actually barely go out anymore. I choose to places with less public in, I am no longer in the scene like I used to be. I love Peloton Supershop which opened  relatively recently and honestly,  in the beginning I went there almost every day. Maybe you saw me riding my motorbike everywhere. Because that’s what I do most of the days! Being on the road.

3. Oldie but goodie?

Dandelion. I like that place. Super chilled. And The Beach House sunset BBQ is my old time favorite. Mandira cafe at Echo beach is also my preffered early morning coconut or Bali kopi spot (while checking on the surfeers, haha!)

4. A perfect date scenario?

– I have my own ideal date scenario but it’s probably fictional. I always think that it could be amazing if there would be a place where you can go to an outdoor cinema that plays old classic movies by the beach with a picnic type of dinner and very chilled and nice vibe, a proper hangout place. That could be romantic.

5. A fashionista’s escape?

The Offering Canggu on Jalan Batu Bolong is on the top of my boutique list in Canggu.

6. Old Man’s Wednesday or Pretty Poison’s Saturday? ?

– None of them. I am at a stage that I can’t be bothered being in the scene. I barely drink anymore (almost 7 months). I only go out for breakfast or lunch or dinner. Something more civilized. I prefer home and chill. Call me the new boring. But I love my space and my own company. I still love to dance tho. Once in a time. When the music is good I dance – and I dance hard.

7. What’s the next trendy thing for Canggu?

I have no idea honestly. More bars and beach cafes? Yawn

8. If you would be a mayor of Canggu, what would you do first thing?

Giving everyone a BIG SMILE then fix that yellow brick road, plant more trees, make it looks like a forest, build a shelter for animals, not a zoo! And maybe put some public beach parks. And I think we need a library here and ultimately an outdoor movie theater. Art galleries for the new emerging/struggling artists. Free for everyone. I just want to see more happy people in Canggu. Both locals and tourist. And a world peace hahaha


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