Let’s say you’re a rockstar. No, not in the “everyone is special” sense, or even in the “employee of the month” sense—but an actual, bonafide, play-the-guitar, have-roadies, lighters-up-singalong rockstar. When you’re not on tour, you need some place to rest your head, where you can escape the world of fan selfies and just breathe, right?

If you’re Sammy Hagar, you’re place will obviously be in Mexico. If you’re Thom Yorke, it will probably be in some space station orbiting the earth. But if you’re a more grounded sort, then you just might consider Bali. And rockstars don’t come more grounded than Michael Franti. 

The “Say Hey (I Love You)” singer just so happens to be an environmental activist, a yogi, a free spirit, a humanitarian, and a guy who’s generally content to be alive.

So: Ubud, duh. 

But Franti wanted to share his special spot with his friends—and Soulshine Bali was born.


Soulshine is tucked away in Lodtunduh, just south of Ubud’s granola-munching masses, and the very green pathway leading there gives you an added sense of seclusion. The whole resort is enveloped in palm and papaya trees; take a look out the back and you’ll be swallowed by those rice terrace views we all adore.

Franti’s biggest clientele are full yoga retreats (there’s a beautiful yoga studio on site), not individual travelers—so if you book while a retreat is going on, there’s a good chance you’ll have the place largely to yourself. When we visited last week, the gorgeous infinity pool was alllll ours.

We crashed in the Jimi Hendrix room—but if guitar shredding isn’t your thing, U2, Bob Marley, and other legends also have their own rooms. Other gentle rock ‘n’ roll touches exist all over Soulshine, but Hard Rock Hotel this is not (thank god). Our room came with some light Hendrix reading and an admittedly very cool Marshall amp iPhone speaker (so we could Spotify in some “Purple Haze,” obv).

And how was our man Jimi’s bed? To be frank, we spent half our time at Soulshine buried under the blankets. No, this isn’t a TMI moment—the bed was legitimately awe-inspiring, and we slept like tiny newborns. Bali isn’t exactly the place for heavy, thick blankets, but the rich, dark wood of the room (and the AC, let’s be real here) made us feel like we were in a luxe mountain resort. Sleeping late (like, really late) was pure luxury.

Throw in an outdoor shower, some Soulshine brand soaps, and our own little jungle corner for reading—it all means that Franti’s put his name on some top tier Ubud action.

Soulshine’s menu has all the Indo hits, but you could just as easily walk down the street to grab some mie goreng at a warung. Nah—people come to Ubud restaurants for the health food. On that front, Soulshine delivers. Their breakfasts are about as colorful as a meal could be without involving M&M’s: purple smashed potatoes, salads, avo, eggs, fruits, juices, coconut yogurt, and you get the picture.

So, what’s the bottom line? Soulshine is compact and approachable, it’s got tons of personality, the food is delicious, the rooms are hibernation-worthy, and if you follow Michael Franti’s Instagram account you can probably time your stay so you’re eating breakfast sitting next to him. And then you can Say Hey (I Love You) in person.

Go check it out: Soulshine Bali 

The details you wanna know: Rooms book for about 2,000,000Rp and up. Contact Soulshine for info about hosting your own yoga retreat. You won’t be disappointed.


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