There are weekends in Bali and there are Bali Weekends. Those ones that eat you alive and spit you out, soul lost to the pretty lights and pretty people and too many fake-boozy cocktails. By Sunday morning, your body is the mangled wreckage of a dozen new hazy friendships and at least as many Bintangs.

We’ve been there. But then—insert heavenly chorus—we discovered Sprout.

One second from the Berawa/Batu Bolong shortcut on Jl. Raya Semat, the convenience is bar-none and inexcusably easy to reach (even with a death hangover). Cruise in and you’ll find a mass of lush vegetation cascading down the cafe walls with simple signage squeaking “Sprout,” in the voice of some tiny forest fairy. But inside you’re greeted by a clean, cozy and chic space, revolving around a bakery counter laid with fresh-baked breads, jars stacked with cookies and a whole locally-produced pantry for the picking—we felt more human before we even ordered.

Surrender to the AC inside when you’ve got a client meet-up or need a cool-down, but Sprout’s patio is serene, shady under the leafy canopy with ripe fruit above your head. You’ll have to be reminded that you’re literally five meters from traffic, and even then you’ll have your doubts. 

The cafe’s menu zeroes in on classic Canggu necessities like tropical juice drinks with names like Woodstock and the Toucan plus fresh, bright salads and bowls, but spreads its roots to include Middle Eastern flavors, refreshing Asian spices and dishes boasting fresh mint and kimchi—and they keep the cold water flowing while you take an obscene amount of time to study the menu.

Sprout excels in littering the journey to your main course with mouth-watering small plates and sides. Succulent olives (order extra—trust us) were plump, citrusy and spicy, the perfect compliment to the dukkah (think hazelnut zaatar)-topped grilled haloumi, avocado hummus, tomato chips and warm flatbread of their Grazing Board.


The bowls and salads are exactly what you want. Take the Vietnamese Chicken Salad: mint leaves, perfectly moist chicken, crisp bean sprouts, shredded cabbage and the crunch of toasted peanuts wading in tangy, house-made nuoc cham dressing. The Kimchi Quinoa Bowl pops with the sour-spice of kimchi, marinated tofu, smoky with sesame flavor, and quinoa jeweled with sautéed carrots and kale, all crowned with nori flakes (insert drool emoji here).

The king of the morning is the almighty Brunch Baguette, in all its piled-sky-high glory. Think crispy outside, soft, fluffy inside, peppery rucola embracing an enormous stack of thyme-sautéed oyster mushrooms, topped with salty feta and the earthy nuttiness of toasted pine nuts… and the piece de resistance: a thick pile of prosciutto.


But that dessert and pastry counter you’ll see walking in… well, it won’t just fade into your memory, even after the Brunch Baguette is gone. Dig into Sprout’s delicious triple-layer carrot cake, plus a monster of a gluten-free peanut butter cookie with salted caramel and fresh vanilla artisan ice cream by Playground.

We clicked our heels and skipped away from Sprout, head and body cured of all weekend debauchery. A great brunch is the best medicine, and this pharmacy has everything you could possibly need. Happy recovery!

Find it: Jl. Raya Semat No.18, Canggu, 


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