We all know these days there are more cafes in Canggu than seeds in a papaya. The most hyped ones flood your Instafeed: as a result, you see their smoothie bowls more often that your ex-lovers cruising the glassy waves of Batu Bolong. We do follow the hype too, yet we love to discover our own secret hideaways and keep them to ourselves. Until…boom, the secret is not such a secret anymore.

The teeny-weeny hut called The Secret Spot is exactly that kind of a place. This bijoux café is everything the doctor has ordered: the tropical yet breezy setup, the sweetest staff ready to help with just about everything and the kitchen shelves packed with goodness. Now, when you’ve started us on the goodness, let’s take a closer look on it: these guys cook everything with natural, wholesome, fresh-from-the-farm ingredients, the menu is 100% vegetarian with a focus on vegan, healthy, nutritious food we all need before or after surfing or workout. Or basically any other day of life, frankly speaking!

The menu – which is Very Instagrammable by the way! –  literally covers all your cravings. There are custom-made smoothie bowls and shakes (not only they are terribly pretty, they are also SO good for you!), raw flax porridge and chia puddings, gourmet breakfast toasts and absolutely guilt-free chia-buckwheat waffles – and that’s only breakfast!  The lunch menu features sunny falafel and hummus wrap, savoury pumpkin soup with a slice of a rustic village pie. Unlike many small cafes in the area these guys do dinners too: you can treat yourself with the fantastic vegetarian spinach-ricotta ravioli  and polish it with a generous slice of a raw cake. By the way, these cakes, all of which are vegan-friendly, deserve a story of its own – check the display to pick your favourite treat!

Are we done with official introduction yet? GOOD, moving on to the fun part now! The main attraction at The Secret Spot is their famous artisan frozen yogurt made daily from scratch using fresh milk and living probiotic bacterias. Ubud-minded folks, fret not: you can also get a dairy-free, nut-based version if you wish so. Oh the ultimate heat-beater! The wide range of flavours change on weekly basis. They even have the crazy ones like black yogurt (with charcoal) or jack fruit-based Tutti-Frutty. You might be surprised but our choice is the plain one with the topping of chia-coconut pudding and the homemade raspberry jam made by owners’ granny’s recipe. Yummo!

Once you’re done with your meal and your icy treat, you won’t leave empty-handed: there is a Health Store in the cafe where  you can find granolas, kombuchas and coconut yoghurt that were made here on the spot using all natural, whole ingredients –  now all this awesome produce is ready to be taken home and consumed with a happy smile. No-fuzz healthy breakfast at your own terrasse? Easy! Best part? The friendly prices. What to look for in the closest future? Delivery within Canggu area!

The guys behind this little gem are true eco-warriors by the way. Their café might be small, but their hearts are big and they take all the tiny causes very seriously: for instance, not only do they call their cafe a zero-waste business, they actually mean it,  being signed-up for a proper waste recycling program, spending % of income for charity and dreaming of creating community composting services for all the conscious businesses in Bali. There are small things that matter, as we all know. And there are baby steps to happiness. Like, a wholesome wrap, a cup of yummy frozen yogurt packed with goodness and the kind people that make it.

Jalan Pantai Berawa (old Butter cafe location), Canggu



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