Nowadays, there are probably more yoga mats per square meter in Ubud than anywhere else in Bali. But before the days of spandex and bikini topped yogis wandering around on scooters, feeding on spirulina energy balls while sipping on plant milk lattes, Ubud was mostly famous for its art scene. Cata Odata is one of the coolest contemporary art galleries located in Penestanan.

If you think that art galleries are old, boring and dusty, well think again! Cata Odata have brought back the fun in art. They have an interdisciplinary approach and they believe that art can be enjoyed by everyone. Here you’re free to wander around and even watch actual artists at work in the studio and have a little chat with them because art is all about encouraging dialog between the artist and its audience. Our favorite spot in the gallery is the hammock, a giant hanging spider’s web right above the studio. You’ll be literally hanging by a thread!

Sometimes, they ask the audience to get their hands dirty and become involved in the creative process during workshops or at the selfie art project where artist Kenyut asked the public to draw their image onto a small mirror.

The founders of Cata Odata believe that art is borderless and while they promote Indonesian artists, they also encourage global connections and collaborations through their residency programs. Australian artist, Lukas Kasper spent a two months residency at Cata Odata which lead to the Way Up Exhibition, a collaboration with nine local street artists to create 20 murals all around Ubud.

This little creative beehive is buzzing with ideas and is living proof that you should visit local art galleries and experience what can happen. You may just be surprised at what you see, whom you meet and what you will learn. We definitely had loads of fun!

Go check it out: Cata Odata

Go find it: Jl. Penestanan Kelod, Ubud


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