Our favourite hidden hangout Bali Dacha just got better: these guys are rapidly turning from a community’s favourite country club into a destination spa! Check this out: they have the whole lot of new facilities now: the pine barrel for the health-boosting soaks, the array of holistic massages, the ‘medical’ belly rub which helps to fix the inner organs, the open air flower bath, and the new healing wooden sauna complete with color- and aromatherapy is on the way, too! Now it calls not for a few hours of bliss but for the whole weekend full of relaxing, rejuvenating, restoring rituals, healthy vegan-friendly food, spring water pool dips under the stars, beautiful music sessions, ecstatic dancing in the lush garden and late night chats with the new existing people that frequent this place.

Our favourite is the special cleansing Russian fire ritual. Intrigued much? We bet! It starts with a bit of a field trip: you gonna walk barefoot along the canal where locals – kids and grannies alike – bath casually (meaning, a la naturelle), then follow the mossy steps down to the canyon to see the ancient ruins of what is believed to be the oldest temple in Bali. Giant mystic stones are magnifying. Then follow your guide through the jungle, duck-diving under the spider nets to find two small hidden waterfalls – go on, take the natural shower in the woods! Back at Dacha when the night falls and the bonfire is set. Sauna time! Get prepared, they gonna steam you the Russian style, using the leafy eucalyptus brooms. Have no clue? No spoilers then – you have to experience it. Just the way Rasputin loved it!

Now, when you’re all red hot and happy, time for some jumping-over-the-fire. Yep, you’ve heard it right, you gonna jump over that bonfire, honey! That’s what Russians used to do back in the days…now we know why they look cold, they must be made of ice!;) Fret not, it’s not as scary as it sounds – you won’t even feel the heat. One-two-tree, there you go! It’s believed to have the serious cleansing properties: fire kills the inner demons, they say. We hope you were not too attached to yours!

Now you’re pure as a newborn. Time for tea, vegan sweets, shisha and napping in the hammock or in the cocoon swinging above the jungle. You might get stuck at this place and spend a whole weekend here – but that’s what lounge clubs are for ?

Go check it out: Bali Dacha Lounge Club

Money: 130k entrance fee, including the use of all the club’s facilities. The private sauna sessions and rituals upon request.


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