One might think Ubud is all about green juices, vegan ice cream and spirulina energy balls, but ACTUALLY, it’s a proper foodie destination. Here are our top four gourmet dining spots in the central Ubud. And don’t even start us on those a-m-a-z-i-n-g restos at the 5* hotels and some gems hidden in the jungle – we are saving those for the next round!

Restaurant Locavore: Bali’s most famous kitchen creatives, playing with the produce from their own farms and swearing by – vegans, step back from the screens! – ‘nose to tail’ concept. Book weeks ahead! If no luck (those guys are way too popular and for a reason), try their little sister Locavore To Go, for the more casual – but still awesomely delish! – experience.

Oh, and by the way – check our review on another Locavore sibling, the cool bar Night Rooster here.

Go check it out: Locavore, Jl Dewi Sita

Hujan Locale: an expedition thought Indonesian archipelago, lead by famous Will – The Streetfood Chef – Meyrick. Barramundi fish cooked Sulawesi style, curry a la Aceh – the spice route on your plate! Check their lovely cocktails, too.

Go check it out: Hujan LocaleJl Sri Wedara

Mozaic Restaurant: an oldie but a goldie. Refined French cooking + celebrity chef Chris Salans + best of local ingredients = an ultimate gourmand experience. Yes, they are not afraid to cook foie gras in the middle of ahimsa-obsessed Ubudthey are French for duck’s sake!?

Go check it out: Mozaic, Jl Raya Sanggingan

Uma Cucina: killer salads, gourmet pizzas and desserts to die for – an upscale Italian every day plus the lavish brunch on Sunday. Buonissimo! Read our full story on Uma here.

Go check it out: Uma Cucina, Jl.Raya Sanggingan

/// The main image is by Locavore


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