Tucked on the lesser-known side of Ubud’s Monkey Forest, the newly-opened WAMM – which stands for What About My Mother? – café is the latest installment in a village proudly maintaining its award-winning reputation as ‘Bali’s greenest’. Despite an almost suburban feel, Nyuh Kuning – meaning ‘yellow coconut’ in Balinese – has been quietly modernizing over the past twelve months, with new businesses like vegan restaurant Sage and co-working space Outpost setting up shop along the village’s leafy streets.

Overlooking the bustling football field and framed by frangipani trees, WAMM opened its doors for a soft launch just seven weeks ago. Despite being a relative newcomer on Ubud’s rapidly-expanding food scene, the café is already bustling at 10am on a Sunday morning, its sun-filled two storey’s catering to a steady stream of relaxed bunch-goers. The space is a natural fit for extended catch-ups with friends and families, where kids can expend their energy on the grassy field under the watchful eye of parents across the road. A subsidiary of JungleFish and furnished by Tipota, WAMM gives off a distinctively contemporary vibe; a coordinated-yet-playful mash of natural furnishings and pop colours. Attention to detail is evident in everything from the polished stone tabletops to the brightly woven lampshades that sway from the ceiling.

The same level of care has also been extended to WAMM’s soft launch menu, the ingredients of which are almost exclusively sourced from across the Indonesian archipelago, including cheeses from Java and nuts from the Straits of Malacca.Similar to major culinary players like Locavore restaurant, WAMM adopts a farm-to-plate philosophy strongly grounded in the local community. On what was almost a year-long journey before opening its doors, the cafe worked with local suppliers to source ethical and sustainably-grown ingredients, from ripe red strawberries to organic poultry and pork. Every ingredient in the WAMM kitchen has been carefully selected, the stories behind which will be featured in a soon-to-be-released menu accompaniment ‘Who Made My Breakfast?’, showcasing local suppliers and their products.

It’s little surprise, then, that the WAMM menu is packed with a delicious range of goodies. While there are lighter options available – the green smoothie bowl with a base of fresh pineapple and kombucha comes highly recommended – the menu is based on the philosophy that mindful eating can be a little indulgent, too. Shakshouka with eggplant, feta and a side of toasted ciabatta, free-range pancetta pan with runny duck eggs – the WAMM menu takes a side-step from the conventional eggs Florentine to serve up some distinctively tasty fare. With in-house specials like the ‘jamu latte’ and the ‘decadent hot chocolate shot’, WAMM is well on the way to becoming one of Ubud’s most coveted breakfast destinations.

The menu still in various states of experimentation, food critics can leave their comments via feedback slips passed out by the staff alongside the bill which, given the emphasis on quality, is surprisingly reasonable. Perfect for an extended meal with friends or in front of a laptop – an ergonomic set-up and fast wifi now being a staple feature of any new café in Ubud – WAMM is worth a visit for both old-hands and new-comers to Ubud alike. Keep an eye out for special events and taste-testings coming soon, where the chef will feature a local product in a series of 5-8 small courses.

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Words: Holly Reid

Go check it out: WAMM 

Find it: Nyuh Bulan 24, from 7:00am-5pm, MON-SUN


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